Welcome to river Namsen – The queen of rivers

The River Namsen at Jørem

River Namsen has a long tradition of sport fishing. English lords came here in the middle of the 18th century to fish for salmon and to enjoy the calmness of the river.

River Namsen is a wide river, and is therefore most known for harling, however there are some really nice beats for fly fishing, and Jørem is one of them.
Namsen holds salmon for 60 kilometres, and Jørem has a stretch of 4 kilometres. At Jørem you may try fly fishing, spinning and harling. There are separate beats for bank fishing. It is possible to fish from both banks of the river, and we have our own boats for transporting bank fishers from one side to the other.

The biggest salmon ever caught in river Namsen, was landed by a local fisherman here at Jørem in 1924. It weighed 69 Lbs.

The fishing season on river Namsen is from June 1st. until the end of August.